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21st October 2019 
About The Alexander Technique
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Cardiff based Alexander Technique Teacher.

Discover more Freedom in Movement. Come and find out about the Alexander Technique at workshops and classes in Cardiff, South Wales.

Alexander Technique lessons focus on thinking in activity. Explore everyday activities - how you walk or how you sit or talk, or more specialist activities - how you run, play an instrument, chair a meeting, dance or sing.

Take a moment. Do you take for granted how you do things? Learning the Alexander Technique means thinking about movement in a new way and discovering new possibilities in every day and not so everyday activities. Activities chosen in recent lessons included opening a locked door with a heavy bunch of keys and a pile of shopping, walking up stairs, and playing a guitar. During lessons people may discover, often to their great surprise, that they can do things more simply and more easily than they first imagined.

An introductory Alexander Technique class includes a short lecture followed by a lesson which involves talking together and gentle use of hands.

I prefer to teach the technique in small classes because in my experience the group format is energising and people enjoy learning from each others lessons.