About The Alexander Technique

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About The Alexander Technique
15th December 2018 
About The Alexander Technique
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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is concerned with how we think about how we move. Some people describe learning the technique as learning to think in activity.

FM Alexander had problems with speaking, he was an orator who kept losing his voice. After much trouble and many medical consultations he asked himself a question.

Is it something I am doing in the use of myself that is the cause of my difficulties?

The technique he evolved began with this important question which remains at the heart of all Alexander lessons.

If you would like to explore what you do with yourself in movement, and improve how you move, joining a class could be for you.

Lessons involve conversation, laughter, questions and very gentle hands on work, all focussed on exploring movement, and how we think in activity.

Discover how keeping movement in mind can lead to increased freedom and pleasure in everyday activities and in performance.