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My Training and Background

I spent over thirty years working in the NHS in South Wales as a Clinical Psychologist / Systemic Psychotherapist until August 2015. Almost by chance in 2004 I joined an ITM Alexander class held at a local centre. I loved it and my interest and curiosity grew to the extent that I joined Don Weed's Bristol based ITM training course in 2008, and became a qualified ITM Alexander Teacher in the summer of 2012.

I was happy and settled in my health service work, however I found that learning the technique and then learning to teach it opened up all kinds of new possibilities for me. After retiring from my clinical practice in the NHS I studied for an MFA at Cardiff Met 2015 -2016, and since then as well as teaching the technique I have been developing my arts practice see I really like the way that the two disciplines inform each other.

I also sing and am involved with physical theatre and performance. I love how we can learn and develop in unexpected ways. Studying the Alexander Technique has definitely brought me quite a few surprises.

I am a member of ITMTA, fully insured and registered with the CNHC

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