What is available now?

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ITM Alexander Technique Cardiff

What is available now?
21st October 2019 
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What is available now?

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What is on Now?

If you are interested in joining a class or arranging an individual lesson email me via this site to arrange a time to talk. My Canton group will meet on a Wednesday afternoon when we restart in October. Evening groups will be starting on Monday and/or Tuesday this autumn . Ad hoc individual lessons are also available.

It costs 10 per session to join a class. Individual lessons cost 30.

After a successful Saturday workshop at Insole Court Fairwater in August I will be running another one with Kirsten Miller on Saturday November 9th at Canton Uniting Church from 2 till 5. This will cost 25. Book by emailing me from this site.

If you would like a more intensive immersion in the technique, learning from Don Weed and an experienced teaching team I recommend coming to an ITM Summer School. These offer great opportunities for all levels of practice and are held annually in Cirencester, Cork and in Germany. Information about these, the teacher training course, and other workshops and resources is available on the ITM Alexander web site here.